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Hughesnet Satellite system review.

by Pro Info facts on Dec.26, 2009, under As seen on TV scams

Tech support from Hughesnet satellite system fails to resolve an issue addressed by a customer.

The support ticket was closed and the issue was said to be resolved by a Hughesnet rep. The fact is, the problem still exists and Hughes has not resolved the issue.

I would go to download files during the day from 7 am until 11 pm at night and the satellite system would be slow. I lived with the Hughes satellite not performing correctly for a long time. My living with a problem all ended the day I wanted to view a webinar and Hughesnet failed to work. That was the day the s–t hit the fan. I have had Hughesnet for over 5 years and never complained about the service until that faithful day.

The Hughes Network is probably way oversold and the result is lack of bandwidth for all.

I have called Hughes and spoken with multiple reps trying to fix there problem. One of the first things some of the reps imply is it must be my PC. I love it; I have six Different PC’s that I can hook into the HN7000S modem one at a time or all at once. By the time I have called them I have already tested many different PC’s to see where the bottleneck is. Go to http : // consumer.performancetests.hughesnet . com to test your Hughesnet system.

When I have said, it’s not my PC, they being the Reps seem to get offended. I think they think they know much more than I do. After all it was me who called them looking to resolve a problem. Just ask them.

I am telling you, “this is the impression I get from Hughesnet Tech Support”.

1. A Hughes reprehensive stated that the Pro package download speed should be 1000 kbps download and 200 kbps upload max.

Using an official Hughesnet test site http : // consumer.performancetests.hughesnet . com the Hughesnet system fails to meet the specification of 1000 down and 200 upload as stated by a Hughes Rep.

How is it that Hughes gets away with selling people a service that they never really provide? I asked one of the Reps “with the Pro package what is the minimum upload and down load speed I am buying” the answer was up to 1000 kb down and up to 200 upload. I had to reply my speedometer on my car states it will do up to 160 mph when I am on the freeway driving at 70 I want to know if I need to go up to 160 my car will do it 160 right now. Not up to some time in the future or maybe on a good day when there is no traffic. I want to go up to 1000 KBPS download right NOW and up to 200 KBPS upload speed right NOW on demand.

Therefore, I asked again “stating “up to” I am not asking “up to”. I am asking what is it I am buying when I buy the Pro Plan. He stated You are buying a 1000 download speed and 200 upload speed but conditions and speed vary.

With the Hughesnet test, I found many times my upload is 0 KBPS and my download is less than 50 KBPS.

I have records to prove my point. The records show the same pattern day in and day out for over one month. AT 11 pm PST, the system starts working great. 850 to 1000 down and 100+ up.

The Hughesnet tech support has failed to repair the problem as of 12-26-09.
I have complained with no resolve.

In my opinion hit
Control, alt delete “The Hughesnet service”. Find end service.

There is more to this story.

Can anyone say class? I am in.

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