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Anthony Morrison scam Dec, 2011

by Pro Info facts on Dec.18, 2011, under As seen on TV scams

Over the last two weeks I gave Anthony’s new program a try.  I saw a video by Anthony Morrison the video claimed he had a special coded software that would work some kind of secret magic for the buyer.  After my friend ask me to investigate the program I decided to give it a try.  As of  today “Scam” is the first word that comes to mind when ever I think of Anthony Morrison.  My reasoning is very simple. The information he is peddling is total crap in my opinion.  The desired results are not achievable with the basic product. Buy more and then spend and buy more of the so called secret sauce and then maybe you’ll get some results. His process is upsale, up-sale, up-sale.  Bait and switch is a con term. I think bait and switch applies to Mr Morrison’s tactics in marketing.

He endorses OPP. AKA as “other peoples products”  He did not author some of  the products he is pushing. Please don’t get me wrong OPP is fine if the product does what the author claims it will do or help you with.

Please note; this site does not have any links to anything that is for sale.  I am writing this because I feel I was being taken advantage of by Anthony Morrison.

I will review any program you ask me to. Please leave a comment on products or people in question.

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