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Anthony Morrison

by Pro Info facts on Dec.17, 2009, under CPA Network

What a waste of time and money. Without question do not spend any time or a dime on the program he offers.
I have read the books and watched the CD’s my opinion is “delete all”.

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To post or not to post

by Pro Info facts on Dec.16, 2009, under CPA Network

Quit looking at the internet as a new way of marketing, instead look at it as a new avenue to the market.
Are looking to market products online? It is no secret on how to sell stuff both on line and offline.

1. Have your product or service ready to sell.
2. Advertise the product or service.
3. Sell the product or service.
4. Process the sale.
5. Deliver the goods, complete a service.
6. Get the cash, check, credit card or trade valve item.
7. Repeat

Truth be said, online you have more direct and indirect choices of market delivery than any other venue of marketing.

I am not by any means stating that there are not tricks and processes that can and do reduce the cost per sale.

I am saying that there are steps and processes you can take to increase the volume of sales per day.

I have pissed off some people because of the truth I am sharing.
I say “to hell with them all” I do not care.

If you think, there is single silver marketing bullet you are wrong. Marketers are selling and portraying products as Golden bullets that will solve all marketing problems online. In my opinion, you cannot buy one product or service that will solve all of your marketing needs.

The people that are pissed know I am about to expose there lies. Some of them do not want me to publish a program that show an exact way and I mean, “exact way to market” anything online and off line.

When marketer are ripping off the general public someone need to stand up and say enough is enough.

Do you have a story about a bogus program you purchased online? If so, please share what happened.

Share your story here.

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Affiliate networks and affiliate marketing.

by Pro Info facts on Nov.15, 2009, under CPA Network

What is the best description of a good network?

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CPA Professional Information Networking

by Pro Info facts on Nov.14, 2009, under CPA Network

Welcome to  Our goal is to check out work from home programs being sold over the net. We then write unbiased opinions as to the practically of the information being sold or given away. Basically you could say we are unofficial system checkers. Our information is open to the public, free to read.

I recently went thru the Mike Hill CPA Tsunami DVD sets and
I was very disappointed. My disappointment was due to the lack of any real useable information in the CPA Tsunami program.
I do not recommend buying the CPA Tsunami product.  The video is choppy on some of the DVD’s.  The entire 18 hours of video lacks in examples and any real useable information or links. Do yourself a favor use your Esc – Delete button save your time and your money.

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